TWIN Workshop was started in 1997, to fulfil the objective of women empowerment by imparting vocational training to the women living in slums of Tollygunge. The idea of the programme is to enable these women to obtain employable skills culminating in self reliance.

The workshop has facilities for production of:

  • Stuffed Toys.
  • Paper Pulp articles.
  • Woollen Sweater.
  • Tailoring items.
  • Necklace & Articles made of Beads.

Knitting unit

In this unit, women from the slums were trained to produce woollen sweaters in knitting machines and garments with sewing machines. Some women were given loan to buy knitting machines, thereby enabling to make sweaters and garments working from home in their spare time. These sweaters are used by TWIN children.

Tailoring Unit

This unit is equipped with requisite Sewing and Embroidery machines for the production of good quality garments. The workshop is open 3 hours per day and 5 days a week.

Paper Pulp Unit

Every afternoon, nine women make beautiful paper pulp articles. With waste paper/egg cartoons, water, gum, moulds and shiny paints they make all sorts of items: statuettes, flower vases, decorative items, candle holders.

Stuffed toys and Bead Unit

In this unit, eight women make jewellery, stuffed toys and decorative items such as hanging items, door decorations, cushions, curtain ties.
At the beginning, samples and moulds for the production of Stuffed Toys and Paper Pulp articles were obtained from Belgium and the products were sold at Christmas Fair in Belgium. Now the these products are marketed only in India and new products suitable for local markets, are being produced. The aim is to make the workshop self supporting.